We've all been impacted by having to throw away something we didn't know how to fix or couldn't fix because of poor design or documentation. People at AFTR share a contagious passion for improving serviceability through design and providing the right information to the right people at the right time to improve service outcomes.


Turn decade-old processes into new paradigms that are orders of magnitude more efficient


Every manufacturer supports their products with a fully-documented digital twin






The After-Sales Platform


We're in the business of transforming how content gets created and delivered for after-sales.

We care that people are tired of looking for parts


We care that people and organizations are tired of wasting time looking for the parts, information, or support they need to keep their equipment running.

To make things better, we're helping manufacturers support their products in the market with innovative software and technology.

If we’re successful, it will mean that you’ll be able to enjoy your big-ticket items longer, maintaining them will be cheaper, and, as a whole, we’ll throw away a lot less stuff.

AFTR is founded by industry professionals


Founded by a group of passionate industry professionals with diverse backgrounds including media and entertainment, technical publications, technical training, and spare part management who started by writing down all their problems on a piece of paper,  and who finally decided to do something about it. Today we're building a bespoke after-sales platform for OEMs worldwide.

We decided to build this platform after meeting with innovation groups at leading OEMs, and realizing that the biggest barrier to investment in after-sales is that it's a cost center. It's time to change management's perspective on what after-sales can do for a business.

A software platform that puts user experience and spare parts at the center


AFTR is purpose-building a software platform that puts user experience and spare parts at the center of the value proposition.

Everything we do is laser-focused on empowering OEMs to create great technical content and amazing digital experiences that convert into spare parts sales.