Top 3 Trends To Anchor Your Spare Parts Strategy In 2022

A good contact just sent me a link to Copperberg, and boy am I happy he did! As we seek to challenge the 20+ years of status quo in the spare parts documentation industry, it's nice to know that key takeaways from one of the spare parts industry's premier events mostly align with the value proposition we are designing for AFTR.

According to Lisa Hellqvist, Managing Director at Copperberg, the key takeaways from the 2022 event were to:

  • Get smart with data

  • Challenge existing business models and add new revenue streams

  • Change is uncomfortable but necessary to meet customers where they are

Read the original recap on the Copperberg website.

About The AFTR Platform

We're all about giving content creators the tools they need to delight the end-users with unique 3d content on the web. But it doesn't stop there; after-sales is traditionally a cost center and rarely receives the needed investment from management to improve operations.

Marketing can prove that an extra dollar will yield a higher return in product sales, whereas a cost center just spends money and doesn't provide a measurable ROI. That is, until AFTR launches.

AFTR's cloud-based workflow will dramatically decrease the time to publish and update 3D digital twins for spare parts. The platform will also securely manage access to 3D visualization files allowing workers to sign in and work from anywhere.

🚀 AFTR will be a one-stop-shop that finally proves a positive ROI between producing technical content and spare part sales. We'll turn cost centers into profit centers.

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