We built AFTR on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the same platform that ensures 99.99% uptime to the largest manufacturing companies like Renault, Airbus, Ford, and Samsung.


AFTR is secure by design, changes and features follow secure coding guidelines, code analyzer tools, vulnerability scanners, and peer review processes. Our security framework is based on OWASP standards, is implemented in the application layer, and provides functionalities to mitigate threats. Our employees think "security first" and we incorporate security into our entire software development process.


Computer networks and data are protected against external and internal threats. Our robust identity and access management architecture ensures that each organization's data is logically separated from other customers' data. Furthermore, we provide encryption at rest as well as in transit to protect our all data.


Data retention and backup happen in a secure manner. All cloud services, including databases, storage, and compute, are provided by and hosted on Google Cloud Platform, we run instances and backups in multiple zones and provide 99.99% uptime on the cloud.


We only gather the data we need in order to provide services to you. We store and process this information on AFTR and secure third-party platforms like HubSpot and Stripe in full compliance with local regulations like GDPR. Rest assured that you and your users are in good hands. We do not sell your data, nor do we share it with third parties.